African Mango

African Mango has taken the health and nutrition market by storm as health experts and the general public are becoming aware of its fantastic health benefits. African Mango supplements were introduced to the market 20 years ago and have been worked on and perfected ever since.

African Mango History

African Mango was introduced to Western scientists and health experts in Cameroon, Africa. The mango-like fruit had been used for centuries as a dietary staple that also contained medicinal properties. A study was conducted in Cameroon that compared the levels of obesity, cholesterol, and diabetes with the Cameroon people compared with people in other regions of African who lived similar lifestyles.

Compared with the other study participants from other areas in Africa, the Cameroon people showed little to no levels of obesity, cholesterol, and diabetes. Due to these astounding results, scientists and health experts turned to the Cameroon diet and discovered that the people regularly incorporated African Mango and its seeds (dika nuts) into their diets. Because the results linked so clearly back to African Mango consumption, it began to be considered strongly for its health improving benefits.

African Mango Health Benefits

African Mango extract is most commonly used in the health industry as a weight-loss aid. The extract comes in diet pill form which is typically taken twice daily 30 minutes before meals and works by increasing the levels of leptin within the body. Leptin is a protein hormone that acts as an appetite suppressant by signaling to the body when it has had enough to eat. Because the body recognizes that it’s full sooner, you are less tempted to overeat. As the body gets used to eating smaller portions less often the weight begins to fall off. One of the best discoveries about African Mango weight loss is that it promotes sustainable weight loss. Because the body gets used to eating less and recognizing early on when it’s full, it continues to support these eating habits even after the supplement has completed its cycle.

African Mango also helps to lower LDL cholesterol. There are two kinds of cholesterol in the body: HDL cholesterol which the body needs because it acts as a supporting agent in cellular structure, and LDL cholesterol which is the bad form of cholesterol and is responsible for obstructing arteries and many forms of cardiovascular disease. Because African Mango acts as a super-fiber in the body, it is able to strip away the LDL cholesterol from the arteries. It does this by encouraging cholesterol-to-bile-acid conversion and binding bile acids in the digestive system which in turn, signal the needs for more. If African Mango extract is consumed regularly, it is a contributing factor in lowering bad cholesterol and can be purchased over the counter.

Another important way that African Mango helps to improve health is by controlling blood sugar levels within the bloodstream. African Mango has been shown to delay stomach emptying which allows increased absorption of dietary sugars. Because this is the case, African Mango is able to lower blood sugar levels (which tend to skyrocket) after a meal.

With all of these related health benefits it is not surprising how popular the African Mango diet pill is becoming. By effectively and permanently aiding in weight loss, cholesterol and diabetes, African Mango is becoming a safe and trusted supplement that millions are incorporating into their diets and health plans.

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