Alli Weight Loss Pills

Alli (pronounced Al-eye), the only FDA approved, over the counter weight loss product.

Alli has put slimming pills centre stage in the UK since arriving on the high street at the start of the summer 2009.

After hitting the shelves Alli picked up a lot publicity both good and bad in the press.

What is Alli?

It’s a weight loss supplement with a plan. A plan designed for the struggling adult who wants to loose weight without risking their health in the process. A plan that encourages exercise, healthy diet and Alli’s help to experience gradual, long term, long lasting weight loss success.

Alli is a reduced strength version of the prescription of the powerful fat blocking diet pill, Xenical. Alli, the over the counter version, is specifically designed to help the body not absorb approximately 25% of the fats you eat.

The Alli Diet

When you first open Alli’s Starter Package you will find:

A bottle of the product.

A Weight Loss Guide. Alli alone won’t do the trick, it is to be taken in tandem with the tried and only true methods of weight loss…diet and exercise. By following their enclosed guidelines, you can expect to loose 50% more weight than you would with diet and exercise alone. In other words, if you loose 10 pounds, with Alli added to your program you can expect another 5 lost for a total of 15.

A link for Online Support. There is actually of community of folks who want you to succeed. Join the progress blog, or chat with another Alli “Circle of Friends member” to keep you accountable and motivated. The web site provides real people success stories, a clothing exchange and member recipe ideas. Alli is not just a diet aid, it’s a connection of people making healthier choices.

There are a few other nice surprises in the Starter Package as well.

Side effects of Alli – Alli Oops

Alli’s critics focus on the one potentially embarrassing side effect, as if that would be enough to deter one from applying this sensible plan. In the bodies efforts to expel these unused fats, there may be a chance the dieter will experience bowel control challenges. If you eat a big and fatty meal, your body will want to expel that excess and unabsorbed fat as quickly as possible, this can cause, diarrhea, gas, leaking and urgent urges to hit the bathroom.

To minimize this risk Alli recommends the dieter does not ingest more than 15 grams of fat per day. The bottom line, if you don’t binge on the junk food and maintain their suggested sensible diet, this won’t be much of a problem.

Alternatives to Alli

Other slimming tablets that work similarly to Alli exist, such as Proactol – a fat binder with no reported side effects.

Consumers are preferring Proactol due to the slightly better fat binding properties (up to 28%) and side effects free.

More information on Proactol.

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