Phenphedrine is one of the most popular fat burners on the market right now.

The manufacturers of Phenphedrine say on the Phenphedrine website that this weight loss product will be able to increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

Phenphedrine can also supposedly use the calories you intake as energy in your muscles rather than fat storage by increasing your insulin levels.

But how does Phenphedrine work? What about it makes the fat burner’s distributors so confident in its abilities?

The Phenphedrine Approach to Weight Loss

One aspect of Phenphedrine that really stands out to me is its unique approach to fat burning: Phenphedrine was designed specifically to combat your body’s stress hormone NPY and to activate CART, which reverses the damaging effects of NPY.

You see, when NPY is activated, your body responds by slowing down your metabolism, lowering your body temperature, and increasing your appetite–all of which are conditions that make it very hard for you to lose weight.

There is a way to combat those effects of NPY, however, and it is by activating CART. When CART is stimulated in your system, your metabolism speeds up, your appetite is controlled, your body temperature is restored, and your insulin levels are increased and thus prevent calories from being stored as fat on your body.

In order to bring about these benefits, Phenphedrine will need the right ingredients; let’s see if it does.

The Phenphedrine Formula

I was happy to see that Phenphedrine does have the right ingredients to really have these effects, containing both CART activators and a powerful NPY inhibitor to really get the job done.

One of the key CART-activating ingredients in Phenphedrine is DiCaffeine Malate, which was originally designed as a safe but equally effective alternative for the now-banned weight loss substance Ephedra. DiCaffeine Malate is a stimulant that will boost your energy, increase your metabolism, stimulate your body’s fat-burning processes, and increase your mental focus.

Phenphedrine also contains Caffeine Anhydrous, a proven weight loss helper. Caffeine Anhydrous increases energy, improves focus, provides more endurance, burns fat, and suppresses appetite, and the inclusion of two forms of caffeine is beneficial to stimulating the positive effects of CART.

Chromax is another important part of the Phenphedrine formula because of the way that it revolutionizes the way that the body digests food and absorbs calories. It lowers your caloric intake, fights your cravings, and actually reduces your appetite, helping you feel fuller for longer from smaller portion sizes.

Phenphedrine also contains the effective NPY inhibitor, HOPS. Deriving from the plant Humulus Lupulus, HOPS is a natural extract that stimulates the body’s relaxation mode, thus fighting off NPY. HOPS has been used for centuries to alleviate pain, stress, and irritability, so it makes perfect sense to work as a stress reliever in Phenphedrine.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing the entirety of the Phenphedrine diet pills formula, I really think that this is a great fat burner.

If you are serious about losing weight for the long haul, I think that Phenphedrine could be of major help to you.

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