Pure Acai Berry Max – Organic Acai Berry Supplement

Have you been searching for a simple yet proven way to speed up your weight loss program? Pure Acai Berry Max is your answer. pure acai berry maxSo many Acai berry products and supplements out on the market today add fruit extract to other unknown ingredient, and mask the one ingredient that does the most good.

Pure Acai Berry is made up of 100% pure and natural Acai Berry, giving you the maximum benefits found in the powerful fruit.

How Does Pure Acai Berry Max work?

The Acai berry is a well known, extremely powerful antioxidant. When taken these antioxidants react with your body, allowing you to rid of disease causing toxics and harmful b/acteria. When you body rids itself of these harmful toxins it is in great position to start losing weight fast, efficiently and effectively. The great part is that being a natural detox supplement is only one of the many great benefits Pure Acai Berry Max provides.

Besides an effective Weight loss Supplement what are some other great benefits of Pure Acai berry?

Increases your metabolism- Powerful antioxidants speed up your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories faster naturally, leading to quicker, more reliable results
Increases your energy so you can get through a whole day without a mid day burn out. There is no longer a need to get that afternoon coffee in order to make it home.
Powerful antioxidants allow your body to burn more fat faster and convert into energy
Increases your good Cholesterol (HDL) while helping to lower the bad (LDL)
Increases your intake of valuable vitamins such as B1, 2 and 3, Vitamin E, Potassium and many, many more.

What are the Ingredients of Pure Acai Berry Max?

In case you already forgot, diet pill contains 1500mg of freeze dried Acai. The best way to utilize the amazing benefits found in the berry is to take pure 100% Acai, there is simply no need to mess with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

If you’re looking for a powerful weight loss supplement, there is no way you missed reading the benefits of the Acai Berry. Pure Acai Berry Max takes away any doubts on which product to choose from. No longer is there a need to worry about the side effects of products add to their extract. Chose the product that contains the maximum amount of non-diluted Acai berry on the market today.

Acai Berry is an all-natural dietary supplement that is meant to boost your metabolism, promote good health, increase energy levels and assist with weight loss. The main ingredient used is the acai berry, which is a fruit that grows on the Acai Palm tree.
The acai berry has become increasingly popular over the last few years, because of its antioxidant properties. A single acai berry has more antioxidants in it than other famously healthy foods, including blueberries, red grapes and pomegranates.
The antioxidants are vital when it comes to good health and feeling good, because they help with several important bodily functions and reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

Taking this product has great health benefits and is versatile enough for many people to take advantage of. Regular consumption of this acai berry supplement results in more energy, a higher metabolism, less fatigue and improved detoxification of the better.
However, all of this helps with losing weight. That is why it is a great supplement to take when dieting or after losing weight since it can help you to maintain your ideal weight and prevent the dreaded yo-yo effect.
The ingredients used to make Acai Berry are all natural and even the amount of each is known for each capsule. The use of natural ingredients makes this product much more effective and better for the body than other products that contain a lot of chemicals and artificial substances.
In addition to using only top quality natural ingredients, the form of the acai berry used is the one that can be most easily absorbed by the body.
Effective absorption means that the effects will be noticed quickly and that the body will be able to benefit more from supplement.
However, this supplement does not just take advantage of the benefits of acai berries. In order to make it more comprehensive, other ingredients are added to complement and multiply the positive effects.
In addition to the acai berry extract, this product contains chromium in the form of polynicotinate, green tea extract, caffeine and L-Theanine.
The capsule itself is made from vegetable based cellulose and water, so it is suitable for consumption by everyone, such as vegetarians.

Here’s What Acai Berry’ll Do For You

There are multiple benefits of adding this product to your diet and daily routine. Each capsule contains an unusually high amount of antioxidants and that helps you in many ways. You will be more energetic and that will help you to get active during the day.
The toxins that can build up over time will be eradicated and you will not be as susceptible for diseases, illnesses or even the effects of chemicals in your food or surroundings. A higher metabolism and increased rate of fat oxidation will help to promote weight loss.

The combined benefits also promote bone strength, muscles, blood circulation and even vision. Overall, you will feel better and that alone is a motivation to keep working towards a healthy life.
By taking this dietary supplement, which does not have any negative side effects, you can actively promote good health. Instead of relying on synthetic chemicals and waiting for your body to help itself, you can simply take a couple of capsules each day and work towards achieving your goal of feeling better, having more energy and losing weight.
In just a short time you will be feeling better and not just wishing that you could be more active, but you actually will be physically able to do what you want.


There are many pros to Acai Berry and it is these benefits that make it stand out from similar products that are available.

  • Has a powerful antioxidant effect on the body and reduces the number of damaging free radicals.
  • Antioxidants help the body with detoxification so that harmful toxins can be processed and removed.
  • Speeds up the oxidation of fat in the body.
  • Reduces spells of fatigue.
  • Increases overall level of energy.
  • Enhances the immune system.
  • Improves skin complexion and texture.
  • Helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels.
  • Improves and promotes good circulation of the blood.
  • All natural ingredients are used instead of synthetic chemicals.
  • Boosts metabolism, which makes it easier to lose unwanted weight.
  • Promotes healthy muscles and strong bones.
  • Promotes and supports eye health and vision.
  • Is easy to use since only capsules have to be taken daily.

Powdered form in the capsule is highly concentrated and easily absorbed by the body for maximum benefits.

Acai Fire for Men

Acai Fire for Men claims to be able to harness the revolutionary weight loss power of the Brazillian Acai fruit in a special formula made just for men.

While Acai Fire for Men says it can boost lean muscle mass, sex drive, and overall male health, is it also capable of really stimulating your body’s natural fat-burning fire? We need to take a closer look at the ingredients to determine if this product lives up to the hype.


As the name would suggest, Acai Fire for men focuses on using the popular super fruit, the Acai berry. The Acai berry is a great supplement to any weight loss routine as it is chock full of Vitamins C, E, B1, B2, B3, and fatty acids such as Omega-9 and Omega-6 that aid in cholesterol reduction.

The benefits of the Acai berry are impressive, ranging from reducing swelling to beating cancer. The Acai berry has been effectively used to help in digestion and regulate healthy weight. Its juice provides a natural increase in energy and can even act as a healthy appetite suppressant.


Acai Fire for Men effectively uses the Acai berry to its full potential. This wonderful little fruit is excellent as a weight loss supplement, and Acai Fire for Men will help you control your appetite, and it’s all natural ingredients make it unlikely that there are any harmful side effects.


For all its variety of health benefits, the Acai berry is not a miracle solution to weight loss. The protein and amino acids in the Acai berry may be helpful in building muscle mass, but this single ingredient can’t give you the ripped body that the Acai Fire for Men advertises. It does list two proprietary blends, but the dosages of the Acai berry (among other ingredients) are not listed, so we can’t tell if they are sufficient to give you results.

Acai berries are great sources for vitamins and minerals that your body requires to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and they are healthy for both sexes. Although Acai Fire for Men appears to be geared toward the dieting male looking to bulk up, it lacks components that promote male health such as CoQ10.


Acai Fire for Men makes some impressive claims; an increase in muscle mass, better sex drive, and fat burning capabilities. However, after a look at the ingredients, we are unable to determine if this product will be able to deliver on those promises. The Acai berry is a great ingredient, but Acai Fire for Men may not have the correct doses to give you a health weight loss supplement.