TestoGen Testosterone Booster Review

TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster that, according to the product website, will “send your testosterone levels soaring!” As it increases testosterone, TestoGen claims to simultaneously boost muscle mass, increase sex drive, and promote weight loss.

Can TestoGen actually increase testosterone levels and bring about these benefits?

I uncovered the truth by investigating TestoGen user comments and the product formula.

There are a variety of reasons that people turn to products like TestoGen. For instance maybe you feel tired all the time or uninspired with your life? Others simply want to feel healthier and thinner so they can enjoy every day and live it to the fullest.

Whatever the reason, TestoGen may be just the product you have been looking for, however before we send you off to purchase based solely on the products claims we need to take a closer look inside the formula to make sure it is a treatment you can really depend on.

What Kind Of Benefits Are There Behind Using TestoGen?

What sets this product apart from other testosterone boosting formulas on the market today is that it isn’t necessarily geared towards body building, anyone can take it and anyone can feel better in a variety of ways. This wide range of uses definitely gives this product some edge as it can be a solution for a variety of ailments and acts as well, a life elixir so to speak.

• Fat loss

• Muscle improvement

• Immunity enhancement

• More energy

• Greater libido

• Other anti-aging qualities, even younger skin

How Does TestoGen Work?

Alongside testosterone the TestoGen formula incorporates a number or different actives including several natural herbs, antioxidants as well as amino acids that are all supposedly included to help jump start the process and increase its benefits. You can view a detailed list of ingredients online as it lists each one and describes its relevance in the formula. However when it comes to percentages the website is completely void of any and all information. We have a feeling this is for good reasons as although more ingredients may sound like a promising attribute it really does more harm than good. You see the longer the list, the more dilution of active ingredients that is taking place and at the end of the day you end up with a watered down and frankly, useless formula. Another concerning aspect is the method of delivery as it comes in liquid form and the formula will dilute further throughout the digestive process.

How Much Is TestoGen

You can order TestoGen through the official website or through a personal distributor. However it is a pretty big investment considering it retails at $69 a bottle, the bottle being a mere 1 fl oz of product. There does not appear to be a money back guarantee available and no free trials are being given at this point.

Should You Purchase TestoGen?

Overall we are left unimpressed with the TestoGen formula and would have liked to see it use a little less unimportant actives keeping things simple and pure. Another concerning factor is the price as it comes at a much higher cost than that of its competitors and sports not peace of mind like a money back guarantee. At the end of the day although taking TestoGen probably wouldn’t hurt, we recommend you look for a similar option from a more reputable brand.

The TestoGen Ingredients

TestoGen contains patented ingredients supposedly able to provide safe yet rapid results.

Testosterone Advantage, for starters, is a patented form of calcium fructate. Calcium fructate is a molecule that naturally increases testosterone levels.

Another crucial part of the TestoGen formula is D-aspartic acid. D-aspartic acid trigger the hypothalamus’ gonadotropin release and the pituitary gland’s luteinizing hormone release. These hormones stimulate the testes’ testosterone production.

TestoGen also contains eurycoma longifolia. Eurycoma longifolia is a natural extract that increases free testosterone. Free testosterone boosts muscle mass, body strength, libido, and focus.

ZMA complex also plays a significant role in TestoGen. The blend contains zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. ZMA replenishes minerals lost during exercise and maintains an anabolic environment.

TestoGen also includes acetyl-L-carnitine, which increases testosterone usage at the muscular level. As a result, there is a greater chance the body actually uses its testosterone.

Resveratrol is another key ingredient in TestoGen. It prevents the body’s testosterone from converting to estrogen. This frees up more testosterone, preventing weight gain and salvaging muscle mass.

Unbiased TestoGen User Comments

Reading real TestoGen customer testimonials gives me a better idea of the product’s efficacy.

There are only two reviews on Amazon.com. Paul wrote that he was not impressed. However, another Amazon user, Denis V., gave TestoGen a 5-star rating.

Obviously we need more TestoGen reviews to make an informed decision about whether users like TestoGen. Leave your review below so you can help others decide if it’s worth using.

What’s Your Opinion of TestoGen?

Tell us what you think of TestoGen. Did it help you lose weight? Were there any side effects? Would you recommend that others try it? Whether your opinion is good or bad, we want to hear it!

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