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Thermotox Diet Pills – Does It Work or A Hype

Thermotox is one of the newest weight loss supplement on the market which claims to be safe and effective weight loss pill. The manufacturer of Thermotox claims that you can lose 7 lbs in 7 days. Can you believe this? Is it possible to lose 7 lbs in 7 days? Absolutely No.

It is not possible to lose 7 lbs within 7 days and if this happen then nobody will be obese or over weight in the next two years around the world.

Anyway continue reading this review to know what more they claims.

What is Thermotox?

Thermotox is a dual function diet pill, it claims that it can radically increase thermotoxweight loss as much as 7 lbs in seven days and at the same time, rid the body of harmful toxins.

In addition, the manufacturer states that acne and wrinkle problems can be reduced as well!

Now, this doubtful claim should be taken with a grain of salt because we all know that diet pills usually cause more acne due to its common side effects like constipation and inflammation.

Perhaps diet pill producers feel they hold enough trust to take chances with the general public!

How does Thermotox work?

The Thermotox approach is effectively a ‘pincer movement’ in military language, on one hand its ingredients enhance the fat burning metabolism of the body and on the other hand, it vigorously cleanses toxins from the internal systems.

Using Thermotox together with a regular gym regime is said to work well, but it would be better to take the recommended dose after completing your exercise plan rather than before, in order to avoid embarrassing consequences. One such example is more frequent visits to the toilet as a likely unwanted side effect.

What are the Benefits of Thermotox?

The principal advantage of Thermotox is that it combines two dietary treatments in one, which are both fat burning and toxin cleaning (and a thousand other diet pills seem to claim that too).

One of the key advantages is that most of the ingredients are natural and are known for their detoxifying and fat burning qualities, the value of other ingredients are less certain and clinical test results have not been provided.

What are the Ingredients of Thermotox?

With over 40 ingredients, Thermotox claims to pack quite a punch; some of the key ingredients are raspberry which acts as a soothing agent, cayenne pepper for a mild thermogenic accelerator, noni a natural super fruit known for its antioxidant properties, dame for enhanced brain and memory functions, and the controversial Acai berry whose beneficial qualities are open to debate.

What are the Side Effects of Thermotox?

The Thermotox web site does indicate that users are likely to experience increased bowl movements, so keep that in mind as it could affect your daily routine. The use of green tea in the pill can increase anxiety levels, cause sleeplessness and pumps up your heart rate. If you suffer from negative reactions to caffeine, Thermotox is probably not for you too.


We are not recommending this weight loss pills for you because it is a two-diet therapy in one. As intended results are quite dramatic and potentially hazardous to certain users such as; pregnant women or those nursing, you should seriously consider the impact of the side effects closely.

Many of the ingredients claim to have a proven track record, however, there are a number of others included whose effects are less well known or documented. This may be one gamble you may not want to make with you health, at least until more information becomes available.

Better Alternative To Thermotox

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