Weight Loss

What is Fenphedra?

“The strongest weight loss pills on the market” available without a prescription, a “happy pill”… At $70.00 a bottle, it better make you ecstatic, not just happy.

This product claims to reduce your appetite and help you burn fat and calories. It also says that you will feel energized and clear headed.

How does Fenphedra Diet Pill work?

This diet pill claims that it is effective by boosting the cocaine amphetamine regulatory transcript which actually stimulates the metabolism rate and at the same time reducing appetite.

In addition, energy is increased because a metabolism-slowing stress hormone is blocked. Theoretically, this product stimulates a section of your brain that convinces you that you’re not hungry.

What are the Benefits of Fenphedra?

This product is actually a favorite amongst diet pill consumers. It does not, however, warrant a high rating due to its safety concerns. These people claim that it actually surpasses the results that used to be obtained from the now outlawed Fen-Phen.

What are the Ingredients in Fenphedra?

It contains DiCaffeine Malate, a chemical similar in its effects to cocaine, Chocamine a concentrated preparation of Colombian cocoa plants; Phenylethylamine stimulates happiness in the brain, Synephrine a “chemical cousin” of the now outlawed ephedra and Humulus Lupulus “one of the only two plants in the family Cannabinaceae.” (Whatever that means)

Fenphedra Side Effects

Due to the fact that this product speeds up your system, you may feel jittery or anxious. The side effect it’s going to have on your wallet is far more extreme. This product is outrageously priced. If you have heart related health issues, this is probably something you’re going to want to stay away from or at the very least, clear with your doctor first.

One consumer complained of chest pain while taking this diet aid and another complained of being irritable. Despite the “buzz”, some people report getting a number of reviewers claiming to be tired all the time and thirsty.


Fenphedra, as we said before, is a favorite amongst weight loss product aficionados. Its much desired side effect, joyousness, is a result of chemicals that a lot of people wouldn’t want to put into their systems. One consumer suggested that this product was nothing more than overpriced “speed”.

We also read a customer review that joyously proclaimed her “addiction” to it. She feels happy, energetic, and wakes up early, excited to take her morning dose.

Better Alternative To Fenphedra Diet Pill

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